Hologram table NettleBox

NettleBox is equipped with 48 or 65 inches LCD panel with Full HD resolution. The holographic models are displayed due to real-time 3D image render and an innovative optical tracking system: 4 cameras with a frequency of up to 1000 fps and active infrared markers. Due to the high-speed response of the tracking system (less than 2 ms) and low position error (less than 2 mm), holograms look like physical objects.
Using the Unity engine in conjunction with the development of our company, allows you to manage the 3D model in real time with no lags and distortions of perspective.

Features of Nettlebox
Unleash the power of holographic maquettes
Showing interiors
With the press of a single button you can take the roof off a model and show interior layouts of houses and industrial buildings, or demonstrate the design of processing or mechanical units
Conjure up an animated scenario for the display: people walking by, moving cars, or a manufacturing process in motion
Change the scale of the maquette as you desire: from the scale of a district to a single apartment, from the scale of an industrial site to a section of a single part
Interactive control
Move around the holographic display, zoom in on interesting parts, and switch between points of view in real time using an iPad, a TouchPad or other controllers